RSCIT Answer Key 6 March 2022 – RSCIT Solved Paper/Mode Paper Important Question

RSCIT Answer Key 6 March 2022 – RSCIT Solved Paper/Mode Paper Important Question Download RSCIT Previous Year Paper online RSCIT Model Question Paper RSCIT Exam Question 06/03/2022

RSCIT Answer Key 6 March 2022 – RSCIT Solved Paper/Mode Paper Important Question

1. is a network of physical objects embedded with electronic, software, sensors and network connectivity that enables the object to collect and exchange data on the cloud?
A. Li-Fi
B. IoT
C. Drones (Drone)
D. MS-Word 2010

2. ___ printer, sprinkle small droplets of ink from the printer head and create the image of the page?
A. Dot Matrix printer
B. Daisy Wheel Printer
C. Chain printer
D. Inkjet Printers

3. Which of the following animation effect in Ms Power Point 2010 attracts attention to an object by increasing or reducing the size of the object, changing the color or twisting it to its center
A. Antrace effect
B. Exit effect
C. Encephalosis effect
D. Motion path Effect

4. What is the example of optical disc?
A. Hard disk
B. Rome
C. Ram

5. Can you switch to the page between portrait and landscape layouts in MS Word 2010 using this?
A. Orientation Shortcuts
B. Margin shortcuts
C. Size shortcuts
D. Column shortcuts

6. is a Microsoft voice-powered personal assistant launched with window 10 OS?
A. Courtana
B. Microsoft Edge
C. Multiple Desktops
D. Disk Cleanup

7. Which Windows 10 Basic application can be used to take a screenshot of an object on your screen?
A. Math Input Panel
B. Windows Mobility Center
C. Snipping Tool
D. Calculator

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8. What is trash Email folder
A. The place where incoming emails of you are stored
B. This is where deleted emails are stored
C. It is a web based chat Service
D. This is where outgoing emails are stored temporarily

9. Which one of the following is not an example of software?
A. MS Word
B. Antivirus
C. Scanner
D. Printer driver

10. Which of the following can be considered as an e-governance services
A. Driving License
B. Car driving
C. Buying vegetables
D. T-shirt printing

11. To start the presentation’s slideshow:
A. Press the F5 key
B. Select the View Show option from the Slide Show menu
C. Select the rehabers time in the Slide Show menu
D. Option A/ Select B

12. What is the shortcut key to insert a new slide into the presentation
A. Ctrl + M
B. Ctrl + D
C. Ctrl + J
D. Ctrl + N

13. OTP Secure online transactions are used as one of the additional security features for the O. T. P. What is the full form of
A. Only time period
B. One time period
C. One time password
D. Only time password

14. Google Drive is example of Microsoft forest drive and drop Box _____________
A. Operating system
B. Search Engine
C. Network topology
D. Cloud storage Services

15. Which of the following alignment options in MS Word 2010 online Each line of the paragraph between the left and right margin and produce straight edges on the left and right edges
A. Center
B. Justify
C. Left
D. Wright

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