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rajasthan patwari syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern Pdf Download

rajasthan patwari syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern Pdf Download
rajasthan patwari syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern Pdf Download Pre & Main राजस्थान पटवारी सिलेबस rajasthan patwari syllabus pdf RSMSSB Patwari Prelims Exam Syllabus

rajasthan patwari syllabus 2023 Exam Pattern Pdf Download

Five thousand posts of Patwaris are vacant, one year has been stuck, two thousand recruitment
More than 5000 posts of Patwaris are lying vacant across the country, but the issue of recruitment of 2,000 patwaris in the revenue circle is stuck for one year. A year ago, the mandal had sent a recommence to the Rajasthan staff selection board, but the board returned to it due to the situation not being clear on the MBC reservation. Since then, the Revenue Division has not taken any step forward in initiating this recruitment process.

Patwari Preliminary Exam Scheme:

  • All questions will be of 10+2/ senior secondary level
  • 1/3 negative marking.
  • 150 multiple choice questions
Name of Subject Marks Time Duaration
General Knowledge 100 03 hour Exam Duration 180 Mints
Mathematic 100
Basic Computer Knowledge 50
General Hindi 50

Rajasthan Patwari Main Exam Pattern:

Name of Subject Marks Time Duration
General Knowledge 100 03 hour
Mathematic 100
Basic Computer Knowledge 50
General Hindi 50

Last year, the revenue circle had recommended a recommence to the selection board for recruitment to 2,000 posts, but a screw on the MBC reservation implicated the process of recruitment. The revenue circle then reserved only 1 of the 2000 for the MBC category in this patwise recruitment to be district wise. At that time, 1 per cent reservation was being given to the MBC. According to this, there were 20 posts. Therefore, the selection board had asked the Division to clarify the position on the issue by returning the recruitment file. The MBC category has now increased the reservation to 5 per cent and also to implement 10 per cent of the gold. Chairman of Rajasthan staff selection Board We had written to the Revenue Board to clarify the position on the reservation in Patar recruitment, said BL Jatawat. We have not yet come to the notice.
More info visit official website @ http://www.rsmssb.rajasthan.gov.in/page?menuName=fEaFReFd6jAdvM/XeaDXig==

RSMSSB Patwari Computer Syllabus

RSMSSB Patwari Syllabus 2023 PDF

(3) Basic Computer Knowledge:

1.    Characteristics of Computers, Input, Output, Storage units, CPU, Computer System,  Binary number system, Binary to Decimal Conversation, Decimal to Binary Conversation, ASCII Code, Unicode.

2.    Computer  Organization–  Central  Processing  Unit·  Processor  Speed,  Cache,  Memory,  RAM,  ROM, Booting,  Memory- Secondary  Storage  Devices: Floppy  and  Hard  Disks, Optical  Disks  CD-ROM,  DVD, MASS  Storage  Devices:  USB  thumb  drive.  Managing  disk  Partitions,  File  System  Input  Devices• Keyboard, Mouse, Joystick, Scanner, Web cam, Output Devices- Monitors, Printers- Dot matrix, inkjet, laser, Multimedia- What is Multimedia, Text, Graphics, Animation, Audio,  Images, Video: Names of common  multimedia file formats, Computer Software- Relationship between Hardware and Software; System Software, Application Software, Compiler, Names of some high level languages.
3.    Operating System – Microsoft Windows-  An overview of different versions of Windows,  Basic Windows elements,  File  management  through  Windows,  Using  essential  accessories:  System  tools  •  Disk cleanup, Disk derangement, Calculator, Imaging – Fax, Notepad, Paint, Word Pad, Command  Prompt• Directory navigation, path setting, creating and using batch files, Drives, files, directories, directory structure, Application Management: Installing, Uninstalling, Running applications.
4.    Word Processing – (Microsoft Word) Word Processing Concepts : saving, closing, Opening an existing document,  Selecting  text,  Editing  text,  Finding  and  replacing  text,  printing  documents,  Creating Printing  Merged  Documents  Character  and  Paragraph  Formatting,  Page  Design  and Layout,  Editing and Profiling Tools: Checking and correcting spellings, Handling Graphics, Creating Tables and Charts.
5.    Spreadsheet  Package  •  (Microsoft  Excel)  Spreadsheet  Concepts,  Creating,  Saving  and  Editing  a Workbook, Inserting,  Deleting Work Sheets, entering Data in a cell/formula copying and moving from selected   cells,  handling  operators  in  Formula,  Functions:  Mathematical,  Logical,  statistical,  text, financial,   Date  and Time  functions,  Using  Functions Wizard.  Formatting a Worksheet:  Formatting Cells- changing data alignment, changing date, number, character or currency format. Changing font, adding  borders and colors,  printing worksheets.  Charts  and Graphs- Creating,  Previewing,  Modifying
6.     Presentation  Package – (Microsoft  PowerPoint) • Creating,  Opening  and  saving Presentation,  Creating the  look  of  Your  Presentation.  Working  in  Different  Views,   Working  with  Slides,  Adding   and Formatting Text,  Formatting Paragraphs, Checking Spelling and Correcting Typing  Mistakes, Making Notes  Pages and Handouts,  Drawing  and Working with Objects,  Adding  Clip  Art  and other  Pictures, Designing Slide Shows, Running and Controlling a Slide Show, Printing Presentations.
7.    Information  Technology  and  Society  • Indian  IT Act,  Digital  Signatures,  Application of Information Technology  in Govt. fore-Governance. Mobile/Smart Phones, Information kiosks.



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