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Garuda BLO App Latest Version Download : गरूड बीएलओ ऐप डाउनलोड

Garuda BLO App Latest Version Download : गरूड बीएलओ ऐप डाउनलोड How to Use BLO Garuda App for Online Voter ID Verification BLO Register App Download Update Oct 2022

Garuda BLO App Latest Version Download : गरूड बीएलओ ऐप डाउनलोड

Garuda BLO Application for Online Voter ID Verification or Correction Voter Helpline Application- Verify Voter ID Online by BLO Garuda App BLO Garuda App voters can also make corrections in their Voter Ids such as Name, Address, Father or Husband Name etc he workshop trained THE BLO and said that through this app only the work of increasing, modifying the name will be done. He said, now the BLO will go to the voters’ house and take the Aadhaar card of the respective voters and match the electoral rolls. In case of any difference between the two, the amendment form will be filled and rectified. The name revision drive is being carried out till September 30. Meanwhile, BLO, from all voters, should go door-to-door to do this.

How To Download BLO Garuda App?

Current Version: 13 (Garuda BLO App New Version 5)
Updated 15-oct-2021 03:23:17 PM Click Here Download
Garuda BLO Register Latest Version 13 Download : गरूड बीएलओ ऐप डाउनलोड
How to Do Voter ID Correction and Verification with BLO Garuda App
Electoral Verification Programme (EVP) has been launched by the Central Government through which voters from all states of India can verify Voter ID through online and also to make their Voter ID (Change) (Online Correction in Voter ID) can. Voters will no longer have to make much effort to change their Voter ID. This can be done easily through the Hybrid BLO App application.
The Electoral Verification Programme process has started from 1st September and will continue till 15th October. Recently, the Voter Helpline App has been modified and updated by the Election Commission of India. Voters have already downloaded this application so it needs to be updated and you can download it from the Google Play Store if the application has not yet been downloaded.

Through this post we will try to tell you how you can verify or modify your Voter ID through the online BLO Garuda Application application. This application is also known as the BLO Garuda App. With which you can easily change your own name, address, father or husband’s name, etc.

For Voter List Verification, you must first register with the nvsp.in with the mobile number, voter card number and email. You can also download the Voter Helpline app from the Google Play Store. Each voter’s verification has to upload an ID. Once the voter verifies their information, the BLO will also go door-to-door to verify it with the smartphone. Voters need to show their IDs and other documents.
Garuda BLO Register Latest Version 13 Download
Voters can register online and verify by visiting the NVSP website. Or the Electoral Commission’s Voters helpline app can help. For offline voter verification, necessary documents can be taken to Voter Centre, Common Service Centre, etc. The CAC will charge a nominal fee of Rs.1 for uploading the document and Rs.2 for uploading the photo and Rs.1 for submitting Form 6. The fee will be displayed on every CSC.
Now, the voters will be kept in full information by booth level officers (BLOs) on their Android mobiles. The Election Commission has launched the mobile app ‘Hybrid BLO‘. On Saturday, a meeting was held with the BLO at the auditorium hall of Municipality Munikirati under the aegis of Election Office Narraganset. It gave BLO information about the mobile app.
Election Commission has launched a mobile app on the 3rd of August. It is only under this that the BLO will now function. He said the drafts are to be filled from 1 to 8. It will include full details of the family, full details of the voters, details of polling booths. He said the hybrid BLO app also includes latitude, longitude. It will be uploaded online by GPS. The functionality of the Hybrid BLO app is currently in English. Most of the BLOs have agreed to Hindi the app’s language instead of English.
Nodal officers SL Goyal, Rupesh Bhatt, Veerpal Singh, Vijay Kumar, Supervisor Trilok Rawat, BLO Deepak Kumar, Kalyan Singh, Prakash Awasthi, Ramesh Chandra Raturi, Rajendra Singh Lingwal, Sushil Kukreti, Nand Kishore Kotanala, Anju Sakalani, Saroj Bala, Kiran Shah, Rajni Singh Devi Prasad Sakalani, Rashmi Aswal, Kavita Panuli, Rekha Bhatt, Anita Rawat, Sheila Bhatt, Lakshmi Bhatt, Aditya Narayan Singh, Vijender Singh, Subhash Chandra etc. were present.
Many BLO Android phones without 
Rishikesh. On the one hand, the Election Commission is preparing to get the BLO to work in the mobile app. Some BLOs have pointed out that they do not use Android mobiles at all. The BLO meeting held at the Municipal Auditorium was attended by about three BLOs Ramesh Chandra Raturi, Saroj Bala, Devi Prasad Sakalani, who did not have an Android phone. The big thing is that it’s important to have an Android phone to run a hybrid mobile app.


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